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What is YBNL?

YBNL is an internal body language training system. This language includes all messages that your body gives you, in whatever form. It can be physical sensations, impressions, feelings, thoughts, words and sounds. Any information that comes from your body, is body language. YBNL focuses on body language because it is the language of the subconscious. When we learn to read body language, we increase understanding of our subconscious.
The YBNL training program provides tools & solo exercises to increase your self-understanding and to tap into the skills and gifts that make you unique.

How does it work?

YBNL training works because it relies on students' engagement and experiences with solo exercises. The theory, stories and other bells and whistles of YBNL and are incidental to the actual training. Students teach themselves on their own time when they practice and complete the exercises. Study help is also available in the form of study guides, activity feeds, chat, and Zoom meetings, all designed to help students with their solo exercises.

Results Tell the Truth

About the College:

The YBNL College is an online network community that includes over two dozen classes that students do at their own pace. The online campus includes activity feeds and chat, and messaging. Faculty, social and study rooms are also available. The YBNL College campus network is a supportive community of and for YBNL students. We share our experiences, ask our questions and we find help when we ask for it. The YBNL College is not an accredited institution of higher learning (of marketable skills), but rather a mystery school where we upgrade our internal experience of life.

Our supportive community of students and faculty abide by a Code of Conduct to maintain a safe space for expansion and growth. Use Registration to join this social network, explore campus and find our inclusive community.

On YouTube

Much of the first workshop's lessons can be viewed on YouTube. If you have questions, bring them to campus and seek faculty help. Only campus registration is needed to contact faculty, however you might enjoy the expanded class and additional help that Study Hall can provide.

Why Now?

The only time anything gets done is now, so now is the time. During the Grand Opening, the first 108 respondents receive free registration & initial tuition. Students may also do the core class, The YBNL Playshop, on YouTube for free. Simply take your time, do the exercises and review past Q & A livestreams.

Why Join?

YBNL training can free us of any need to cope or otherwise be distracted by our history. The founder of YBNL, Brian Snyder, invested his life in understanding and overcoming the mechanics of his suffering. Following the path he created releases our attention from the past, and also keeps us present. And it is self-fulfilling and self-evident, because it comes from your own experience, and not from Brian himself.

Right:   Patrick Collard demonstrates a technique on the founder of YBNL, circa 1998.

Patrick Collard demonstrates on the founder of YBNL
Brian Snyder, founder of YBNL

My Story:

Brian Snyder, Founder of the YBNL Method

YBNL is the culmination of over thirty years of chasing teachers and healers for workable techniques to alleviate the suffering and upgrade the experience of life. Brian was born with a heart murmur and spent much of his youth expecting to die. He also suffered sexual & physical abuse and mental torture and had plenty of reasons to fall into depression or worse. At the age of 15 though, two things happened near-simultaneously that gave him confience to chart a new path: he was given ten years to live by his cardiologist, and also discovered the uniqueness of his intelligence and perspective.

“I had no reason to chase a career or family, and every reason to chase a pathway of spiritual knowledge and healing. So I did. What I cast aside, what I risked, was taken from me anyway. The pursuit of spiritual knowledge and experience became everything.”

“The YBNL College walks students through thirty years of spiritual searching; I cut out the nonsense and left in what matters and what works. The 30 years is down to about a year of self-training that nearly anyone can do.”

'Shift Happens'

Adjusting Your Internal Body Language

With admission to the college you get to join group zoom meetings with Brian as well as access to the YBNL community, and tons of additional resources to help you on your journey.

The opportunity to rid yourself of limitations is right here.

More About The College

The YBNL College is currently three semesters, each meant to take 1-4 months to complete, though there is no time limit and class reviews are free. Tutoring is available for all registered students through private messaging, chat, activity feeds and group Zoom meetings.

You can join campus and enjoy an introductory class, including faculty access here. Simply register and follow Orientation to learn navigation. Registration is evergreen, meaning both forevever and ever-evolving. However, per the Code of Conduct, students may be removed for trolling or spamming).

Can I get private tutoring?

The College itself is the best resource to get help, and much private help can be available through messaging, or anonymously in group Zoom meetings. For more personal coaching, Brian is available by retainer. Private tutoring is also available by retainer, which includes unlimited daytime access to the founder through txt, chat, phone, FaceTime and Zoom. For private instruction, register for The YBNL College and then message Brian via chat or his Faculty Office.

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